Necessity Of Advanced Analytics

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Necessity of advanced analytics


Andy R Robert

Additionally it includes statistical models, machine learning, neural networks, text analytics, and other advanced data mining techniques. Among its many use cases, it can be deployed to find patterns in data, prediction, optimization, forecasting, and for complex event processing/analysis. Examples include predicting churn, identifying fraud, market basket analysis, or understanding website behavior. Advanced analytics does not include database query and reporting and OLAP cubes.

Advanced analytics are based on mathematical principals and started as descriptive statistics which are basically used to sum and count past occurrences for what has happened in the past which is useful in a reactive, course correction manner. Moreover, it allows you to anticipate possible future outcomes and either capitalize on them or adjust now to impact the future. The traditional technique for building a predictive model is based on hypothesis testing which is more of a statistical approach. Data mining is a technique for building predictive models where the data is visually explored and used to determine which predictive model to use to fit the data. For example, if the data visually looks linear then a linear regression technique could be applied. However, if the data plots out logarithmically (fancy work for the hockey puck graph we ve all seen) then a logistic regression technique could be applied.

Advanced analytic techniques allow you to create more precise models of the world around you. Models that can be applied throughout your business in order to help, inform for better decisions. Advanced analytics allows you to:

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Predict competitive initiatives with accuracy

Identify latent market demand and innovate products to meet it.

Identify a person s likelihood to develop heart conditions and suggest the right incentives to change contributing behavior?

Anticipate which parts on your customer s cars are likely to fail in the next 30 days and allows you to proactively notify them, preventing warranty claims.

There are two distinct platforms used for translating source code into an executable file. One way is to use a compiler interface, which consists of writing code in a text editor, and then compiling the code with a separate console based compiler. The other is to use an integrated development interface (IDE). An IDE is a much more intricate piece of software and comes with tools to write and compile a program from within itself. Both have their advantages in different situations. Determining which solution is best for a project is important in ensuring that the programmer is working in an environment that is not only efficient but also somewhat ergonomic.

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Diesel Exhaust And Cancer

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byAlma Abell

IARC, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, has stated that diesel exhaust is a carcinogen. After extensive study, all evidence points to the fact that the fumes from diesel exhaust cause cancer.

Diesel fuel is used in most large engines that are used to power trains, buses, construction equipment, standby generators, as well as cars. Diesel exhaust is made up of soot and gases, both of which are made up of other potentially harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur, and metallic compounds. Many people are starting a diesel exhaust lawsuit, arguing that their exposure to diesel fumes has led to their cancer, including lung and bladder.

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How are people exposed to diesel fumes?

As diesel is a very popular fuel, it is hard to avoid exposure. People are exposed to diesel exhaust while traveling, at work, and even while they are at home. The amount of exposure varies:

  • At work: People involved in the transport industry, forklift operators, miners, railroad workers, etc. are those that have the highest exposure.
  • At home: Although the risk of exposure to diesel fumes is lower, anyone that lives alongside a busy highway where diesel traffic is at its densest will be affected.
  • While traveling: The simple act of commuting to and from work can expose people to high concentrations of diesel fumes.

Is cancer caused by diesel exhaust?

Studies have been made in labs as well as on people to determine if exposure to diesel exhaust causes cancer. The results indicate that the chemicals and soot in diesel exhaust cause changes in cellular DNA, which cause the development of cancer.

Lung cancer is linked to diesel exhaust. People that work in industries where heavy and prolonged exposure to diesel exhaust has affected their health will often retain a lawyer and file a diesel exhaust lawsuit.

If you or a loved one suffers from health problems caused by exposure to diesel fumes, consider hiring a knowledgeable law firm and file a diesel exhaust lawsuit. For a free evaluation of your case, contact Hughes Law Offices. Like us on our facebook page.

Could You Be Suffering From Sleep Deprivation?

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Submitted by: Joe R. Maldonado

There are millions of people out there whose lives are being affected by insomnia and sleep deprivation. As a matter of fact, many of the people that have this issue are completely unaware of the fact that they even have an official condition because they have no real information about it. They just think that their lack of sleep is normal. The truth is that it is definitely not normal to go day in and day out on very little sleep. Plus, it can eventually lead to sickness and disease when it is left untreated by a physician.

There are some major signs that you can look for to see if you may be suffering from sleep deprivation or insomnia:

Inability to Concentrate and Lowered Mental Capacity

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If you notice that you are frequently drifting away at your job or even during a conversation with someone, this could be a clue that you need to be getting more sleep each night. It may seem like the world around you is going very fast while you are operating in slow motion. You will have a constantly interrupted thought process, and it will be nearly impossible for you to follow through on tasks that should be easy for most people. This is a serious problem, as many people can end up losing their jobs and relationships over these symptoms. Additionally, it can be very dangerous for those who spend a significant amount of time driving or operating heavy machinery in the workplace on a daily basis.

Physical Signs of Lack of Sleep

Your reflexes can tell you a lot about whether or not you are getting enough sleep through the night. If your reaction time is much slower than it used to be or if physical activity is becoming more difficult for you, it may be that you are experiencing a serious lack of sleep. Sometimes people who are not getting enough sleep will also experience odd aches and pains, and it will be difficult to determine when or why they started. Additionally, those who are lacking sleep may also begin to gain weight.

Constant Sleepiness.

This one is obvious. You can t say much else about it other than the fact that it doesn t reveal as much as the other symptoms. Most people get tired in their daily lives, so since it is such a common thing most people won t take it as a sign that they are actually sleep deprived in any way. On the other hand, if the tiredness is always there no matter what you are doing, this could be a positive sign that you are being sleep deprived or suffering from insomnia.

These are definitely not the only symptoms to look for when it comes to being deprived of essential sleep. However, these signs are enough to give you a definite idea as to whether or not you should consider yourself among the many people out there who are suffering from severe sleep deprivation on a daily basis.

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Importance Of Knowledge Sharing In Business}

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Importance of knowledge sharing in business


Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is important for creating a new knowledge in order to achieve competitive advantage. People do not keep the same job for life any more. When someone leaves an organization their knowledge walks out of the door with them. Some people object to sharing as they feel that others will steal their ideas and reap the rewards rightly theirs and also feel that their jobs might be threatened if they then share all that they know with a colleague, no longer making them the ones with all the knowledge and understanding.This can result in a defensive attitude when they are asked to contribute to knowledge-sharing activities. In principle, why should people relinquish what they have worked hard for only to hand over years of experience and hard work to someone else who merely has to listen to or mimic them while some have fear that by asking people to share their ideas and knowledge it will make them appear inadequate and incapable of doing their job properly but this is a fallacy. Knowledge sharing isn’t about blindly sharing everything; giving away your ideas; being politically naive; or being open about absolutely everything. If you have a great idea – don’t share it with a competitor – external or internal but on the other hand don’t try to develop it on your own and don’t sit on it for fear of it being stolen from you.

Organizations can use a variety of HRM mechanisms and techniques to encourage a knowledge-sharing culture. Like, knowledge is seen as a personal intellectual asset and so people do not want to give it away unless there are benefits in doing so. Thus reciprocity method can be used with them. The reciprocal act of receiving something in response to giving something else has been coined ‘reciprocity’ and is central to the concept of knowledge sharing. This could be a formal reward from the organization in recognition for an individual sharing his or her knowledge. On the other hand, Organizations can also link sharing knowledge to widely held core values. Don’t expect people to share their ideas and insights simply because it is the right thing to do. Appeal to something deeper. By linking with core values of the organization values, you make sharing knowledge consistent with peers’ expectations and managers’ considerations. Then, trust is another key element for knowledge sharing, as employees may not be willing to share their work-related knowledge if they believe that hoarding knowledge will assist in furthering their careers, or if they feel ill-treated at work.

All the best-practice companies we studied see sharing knowledge as a practical way to solve business problems. Best-practice organizations could easily describe how sharing knowledge contributes to business goals. Several of the organizations that took this approach do not even speak internally of sharing or managing knowledge. They simply build sharing knowledge into the overall business solution.

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