Four Simple Secrets To Selling Large Amounts Of Cash Value Life Insurance!

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By Lew Nason

Would you like to know how and why the best producers are able to sell large amounts of cash value life insurance? If you knew their secrets could you sell large amounts of cash value life insurance, just like they do? Were talking about you earning $500,000 or more in first year commissions each year!

Some of you may be thinking; Yah, that would be great! But, the reason those producers are able to sell so much life insurance, is they have the technical knowledge, for a very specialized life insurance niche market. They are working with 412i plans, Estate Conservation, Premium Financing, Charitable Giving or some other specialty market.

While its true that some of the best producers do have the technical knowledge, and work in one of these very specialized advanced markets, it isnt how and why they are able to sell large amounts of cash value life insurance.

It may surprise you to know that every one of these life insurance sales leaders has the same basic problems you do! In fact, in most cases, the people who work in those very specialized, advanced markets have much worse problems, because of the small size of their market, competition, bad publicity and the large amounts of money they work with. However, they are successful because they know four simple secrets that you dont!

The simple secrets these top-producers know that you dont are; No matter what market you work in, every one faces the same four basic challenges:

1. Finding a niche market you understand and have a passion for!

2. Identifying and attracting the right prospects for your market!

3. Helping your prospects to recognize they have a problem!

4. Getting prospects to take action on the solution you offer!

The reason most agents and advisors struggle selling life insurance is they dont feel good about what they are doing. They look at themselves as just a salesperson, instead of seeing themselves as helping people to solve their financial problems.

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Whether you want to join the ranks of the top-producers, or you just want to make your career a whole lot easier, more fun and much more rewarding, you must have a passion for what you do!

Finding a market you understand and have a passion for!

Enthusiasm sells! So, find something that turns you on. Your specialty doesnt have to be a technical, advanced niche market. The great thing is that you can turn almost anything into a specialty. You could specialize in working with one armed, golfers, with high blood pressure. Or, maybe you could specialize in working with people who hunt deer, drive a jeep, are married, live in a mobile home and have a child in college.

I know of a top-producing agent who works exclusively with young families who have a newborn baby. Another, who works with widowed, retired women of color! And, yet another agent who works exclusively with divorcees, with children! Each of these advisors became the specialist in that market, because they identified themselves with that market and they already knew something about that market. They invested their time to learn everything they could about the people in those markets and the problems they face. And then, they learned the best ways to use their products to help those people to solve their problems.

What do you have a passion for in your life? Has something happened in your life that has impacted, made a difference, or changed you? What problems have you, your family, parents, friends and relatives faced?

What group of people do you identify the most with, and feel good with? Do you hunt, play golf, play tennis, bowl etc.? What civic and religious groups do you belong to? What past jobs have you worked in? What did your parents do for a living?

Every top-producer (or successful business person) I know has a burning passion for what they do! For them, its NOT just about making a sale! Its about really helping people!

Identifying and attracting the right prospects for your market!

Once you have decided on your specialty, once you have found something you have a real passion for, then youll want to determine whats the most pressing problem your products and services can solve for these people.

If youre working with young families with newborns, maybe their most pressing concern is saving for college, or making sure the money is there for college, if something happens to one of the parents. With widowed, retired women of color, maybe the dominant concern is learning how to manage their money with safety and guarantees, and then making sure they pass all of their money onto their children. For divorcees with children, maybe its eliminating debt, making sure the child support doesnt stop at the death of their former spouse, or qualifying for college financial aid.

Now, youll want to determine who you have the best chance of selling within your specialty? Who is your ultimate, best prospect within that group? What are their ages, income, social status, education, occupation and marital status? Do they own a home? Do they have school age children?

Where do you find these people? Where do they live? What newspapers and section of the paper do these people read? What newsletters and magazines do these people get? What business do they use? What professionals do they use doctors, accountants, P&C agencies, attorneys, etc.

Finally, how do you attract these people to you? Whats the best way to attract the Right people to you? Do you send out sales letters to a targeted list? Offer free reports? Form a Joint Venture? Offer a dinner seminar or a free educational workshop? Send out newsletters? Run ads in the newspaper? Get articles published? Write a book? Or, how about working your existing book of business? Or, letting your family, friends, relatives and everyone know about your specialty?

What every top-producer will tell you is All of these marketing methods work once you have a specialty, you determine who your ideal prospects are, and you send a message to them that clearly states how they will benefit by meeting with you!

All the top-producers know exactly who their best prospects are, and how to attract them The Right Message, To The Right People, At The Right Time

Helping your prospects to recognize they have a problem!

We all have financial problems. It doesnt matter if you are rich or poor. The problems can be paying too much in income taxes, transferring wealth, losses in the stock market, saving for retirement, saving for college, a low income, too much debt, protecting the people they love, etc.! Unfortunately, most people do not want to think about money, let alone talk about their situation and admit they have a financial problem! In this fast paced society, most of us are so busy with our day-to-day activities and problems to worry about our money problems until the problems need immediate attention!

Consider, youve studied and developed your specialty. Youve attracted the right prospect to you. But, until your prospect recognizes, understands and makes solving their problem a priority, you have little chance of setting an appointment or making a sale!

Your job is to know the right questions to ask that will get your prospect to talk about what they really need and want. Youve got to get them thinking about how their problem is affecting their current situation? If they dont correct the problem right now, how will it affect their future and future of their family?

If you want to sell more and larger life insurance policies, you must help your prospects to recognize that they have a problem! And, more importantly you must ask the right questions to help them to make solving their problem a priority!

Getting prospects to take action on the solution you offer!

Youve found your specialty, something you have a passion for! Youre sending, The Right Message, to The Right People, at The Right Time! Youre asking the right questions! Your prospect recognizes they have a problem and they agree that solving their problem is a priority. Now, how do you get them to take action today on your offer?

If you want your prospects to take action today, then you must help them to see where they are today and where theyll be in the future with and without your solutions.

There is a cost to everything we do. Where will they find the money? What will your prospect have to sacrifice in order to implement your plan? Do the future benefits of your plan outweigh the cost of implementing the plan today? As the late, legendary Ben Feldman said, There is a cost of doing nothing and a cost of doing something. Generally, the cost of doing nothing is much more than the cost of doing something!

There you have it, Four Simple Secrets To Selling Large Amounts Of Cash Value Life Insurance! So, now what will you do from here? Is there one idea you got from this article that you can start using today? How about a second, or third idea?

If you do nothing else, find something you have a passion for! Life is too short to be struggling all of the time!

Whether you want to join the ranks of the top-producers, or you just want to make your career a whole lot easier, more fun and much more rewarding, it all starts with having a passion for what you do!

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An Architectural Sign Speaks Volumes

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By Kelley Wilson

A well designed architectural sign can boost a companys presence to their given market today, as well as for the future. Whether you are looking to start a new business, or to give your present company an updated and innovative look, signage can be quite beneficial to any marketing plan. From the moment it first stands out, to the lingering image it can ultimately leave in a potential customers mind, an architectural sign can speak volumes about your company and the product or services you have to offer.

It is crucial to identify what your goal is when planning and designing any advertisement to ensure maximum return from your investment. While inexpensive options are available to your business, they may not portray the high quality and standards you would like. Both individual and full system signage chosen to represent your image must incorporate your product or service, the business goal you hope to achieve, the companys surroundings, and the locale for the advertisement itself.

A well thought out architectural sign will communicate an accurate message about your company, while staying within the architecture and environmental constraints of the building itself. Current and prospective customers must be able to instantly identify that key message you hope to accomplish.

The design process for any architectural sign requires ample attention to detail, and high quality workmanship. From the materials and colors, to your logo and graphics, the design alone can determine how successful this marketing strategy will be. They come in a wide array of sizes, colors, styles and materials.

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The message your company hopes to communicate can be achieved through various resources and should be chosen carefully. While a knowledgeable contractor can assist you, it is important to know the basics. The materials used should be durable and appropriate for the conditions it will come in contact with.

For example, if they are to be displayed outdoors, they must be fade resistant and be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. If the signs are to be displayed indoors, they will require a higher level of accuracy, down to the finest detail. This is due to the confined locations they will hang in, as well as the close proximity to which they will be viewed.

In addition, it is important to take into account the installation process and all its possible obstacles throughout the planning and designing phase. Whether a permit is required to work around underground utilities, or you need ADA signage that meets Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, these issues have got to be overcome prior to finalizing any type of signage.

An architectural sign must meet a number of conditions to be if it is ADA signage. These regulations guarantee that people of all disabilities can utilize and gain from the information provided by them.

Some of the ADA requirements consist of using a high level of contrast between the wording and the background, as well as an absence of any reflective material. Depending on the size and location of it, tactile characters and Braille may also be a necessity. So doing your research is imperative.

An experienced sign company can assist your business from the early planning stages to the final installation. As with any major business expense, it is essential to seek out references for reliable and high quality contractors that will be able to meet your time constraints, and financial needs. Signs can make an instant impression, and it should be your goal to make certain that the impression is a positive and successful one.

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Beware Of Catchy Debt Consolidators

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By Andi Wize

Debt consolidators usually attract positive attention at the start because they give the impression that they will neatly arrange all your debts into an organized and even lighter one. Their campaigns make debt relief seem to be so straightforward. They will just consolidate all your bills and convert the interest rates to as low as 0%. Unfortunately, people who have fallen prey to them have experiences worse than the opposite of these empty promises.

Normal tendency when experiencing financial crisis is to get loans to cover up for previous credits. This being a well-known phenomenon, debt consolidators do their best to entice people into these types of situations with debt consolidation loans which promise easy and immediate processing and approval as well as lower monthly payments and interest rates. Being close to desperation, people tend to become easily lured by such and grab them without a second thought.

If these people only compute how much they actually pay in totality, they will surely be surprised that it is a lot higher. Sure, the monthly payments are lower but this is mainly because they are spread over a longer period of time. What are usually unnoticed are the interest rates which are, in fact, higher. In most instances, rates go as high as 21% or 22% and these subtly and discreetly wring people in their necks while burying them deeper into a financial rut.

Debt consolidators also assure customers that they will be in charge of everything. They will apparently coordinate with your creditors. All that is left to do is make one easy payment every month. However, what happens in reality is that they actually charge for such service by taking hold of about 10% of payment given monthly. This is about $50 for every $500 monthly payment. Instead of such amount being used to significantly reduce debt, it automatically goes to the deceiving hands of debt consolidators.

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Most of their services are obviously those which you can do on your own given the right information. You yourself can negotiate with your creditors to make payments more manageable in the light of a current financial difficulty. You need not shell out such a big amount for that. Most creditors are willing to bend a little if only they will be aware of the circumstances.

What makes doing the negotiations and payments on your own a lot better is that certain cases have already been reported where the debt consolidators themselves are making late payments. They regularly ask the payment from their customers but they remit them late thus causing the customers more charges which they are not made aware of. Such will only be added up to the monthly payments unnoticed.

Balance transfer cards are also prevalent nowadays which are usual debt consolidation tools. Just the same, they promise lower interest rates. However, you have to take note that such low rates aren’t going to be the case forever. After a few months, they will increase. Of course, when that happens, you will look for another provider. The network of credit companies sees this kind of activity and considers you as a risk thinking that something else is behind your switching. Thus, your switching may not be approved and you are left without a choice but hold on to the card and suffer with its high rates.

It is obviously wiser to think of other options instead of resorting to the debt consolidators services. Home equity loans, for example, are better options because of their single-digit interest rates which are even tax-deductible. In such cases also, since you do have a home equity, your property may be up for a higher amount refinancing. In turn, you can use the excess money to settle your debts. You may also try personal loans especially if you used to have a good credit history. The interest rate may still be high, around 11%, but this remains to be a better alternative as compared to the 20%++ rate of debt consolidators.

There are several other options that you can try out. If you want to know more about them, you can seek advice and gather information from certain organizations providing credit debt counselling program. Once you have the information that you need, you deal with the situation yourself. Most debt consolidators have already been proven to be unhelpful thus should not take part in your alternatives anymore. You need not worry about being exposed to harassment as there are laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to protect you.

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