Baby Bears Den Launches Oopsy Daisys Eric Carle Collection

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Baby Bears Den Launches Oopsy Daisys Eric Carle Collection


Elizabeth Barr

Baby Bears Den is excited to be expanding its product offering to now include the new Eric Carle collection of canvas wall art and night lights from Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids. The World of Eric Carle is beautifully reproduced in this glicee collection that features his most beloved characters including Brown Bear, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and many more of his colorful animals.

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Most of the Eric Carle canvas wall art pieces are available in the great standard size of 24 x 18. A few are also available in larger sizes. Oopsy Daisy’s children’s stretched canvas wall art reproductions are created in their San Diego studios where they print in the best digital method currently available, achieving great clarity and color resolution in each piece. After printing, the canvas is stretched by hand over a wood frame. The sides of the canvas include a decorative edge, so no framing is required. Canvases may be wiped clean with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth. These prints are durable and beautiful! Each Eric Carle Night Light is like a mini work of art stretched over wood frames. These come in an adorable Oopsy Daisy signature green gift box that allows you to wish sweet dreams to your favorite child. The mini canvas is mounted through the wood to the night light base. A 5 watt bulb (included) and on/off switch, ensures soft light when you want it. When the night light is no longer needed, we suggest repurposing the night light by unscrewing the base and placing the art piece on a shelf! One of our favorite baby shower gift ideas is to pair one of the Eric Carle wall art pieces or night lights with the corresponding classic book. This is a unique gift that will be loved by both mother and child for years to come. All of the Eric Carle pieces will look wonderful in a childs nursery, big kid room or playroom.

Elizabeth Barr is the owner of an internet retail store

Baby Bear’s Den

which offers childrens wall art, personalized growth charts, and other decor items for childrens’ rooms and nurseries.

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Baby Bears Den Launches Oopsy Daisys Eric Carle Collection

Portable Fiberglass Bench

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By Patricia Holland

With so many simple applications for transportable and portable fiberglass benches, it would be impossible for us to possibly list them all. We naturally take seating for granted and the vast majority of us go about our everyday life without thinking twice about the convenience of a appropriate place to sit. We have all attended an outdoor event or affair where the seating has already been placed for our comfort. Portable fiberglass benches are a quick and easy solution for durable, appropriate, popular and convenient social gatherings.

However, it is not only outdoor events and functions where you will see fiberglass benches being used. Educational Facilities, Parks, Museums, Theatres, Shopping Malls, Churches and Sports Facilities all can benefit from a strong, durable fiberglass bench that you can move and store easily that will last for years and is convenient , then you will find these fiberglass products most ideally suited.

If you are searching for seating alternatives for any kind of special occasion or function, then you fill find our fiberglass benches will be ideally suited to your needs. The tough, strengthened galvanized tubular framework assembly with cross supports will help to make certain that any individuals seated will remain comfortable and most significantly, safe. With a single 6′ overhang at both ends, this will avoid any possible chances of the fiberglass bench tipping up – one factor that countless other suppliers disregard. We want to ensure that at all times everyone seated shall be both comfortable and safe.

Not only do we offer the standard individual bench seat in our fiberglass benches an optional seat back will provide your guest with added comfort. The bench seats that include backrests offer an additional benefit due to the wider base structure. Ergonomically correct portable bench seating with the backrest offers you peace of mind that your guest is at no risk or danger of overbalancing and tipping over in seating not permanently affixed to any surface.

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Using the exact same 2 3/8′ galvanized tubular assembly framework as our other portable fiberglass benches, these styles will also make an amazing and attractive complementary garden bench either for your own garden or public gardens in which you could be hosting a celebration or function. The portability of these style benches allows the configuration that best suits your plan.

You will also see that our choice of fiberglass benches come in a variety of colors to help match your existing theme or decor.

Regardless of the time of the year, our exquisite fiberglass benches will be readily available for both you and your visitors anytime they’re needed. Simply place them at your preferred location to meet your specific needs.

Constructed from only the highest quality materials, our fiberglass benches will transform your outdoor space to meet your exact purposes. You could even think about accessorizing your fiberglass benches with seat cushions or covers, to help you to create an even more pleasing and relaxed seating area.

A portable bench seat works in resolving many seating solutions. Fiberglass seating is an investment that will stand the test of time and your budget. Our fiberglass benches are not merely well-designed and made but also strong and resilient. You might also be surprised at just how reasonably priced they are as well!

Be it an indoor or outdoor bench made of wood, recycled plastic, aluminum or fiberglass, we will have something that will meet your requirements and in a choice of sizes and colors to match your theme.

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The Right Choice In Showers

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The Right Choice in Showers


Conor Tomkins

Recently, manufacturers have been releasing a large range of showers, but which one is the right choice for you?

Depending on your situation, your bathroom installation and personal preference – you may need either a mixer shower or an electric shower.

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Mixer Showers allow for more choice in style as with mixer showers you can combine a wide range of shower heads, valves, slider rail kits and even body jets. Mixers showers allow you to create distinctive styles in your bathroom either traditional or contemporary. Traditional styles can be created by using crossheads valves and large square waterfall shower heads. Whilst contemporary styles can be created by using very square designs for a modern and sleek feel.

Mixer Showers are the most difficult to install and also require a specific type of boiler as mixer showers require a constant flow of hot and cold water to mix to the desired temperature. If you want to install a mixer shower but you do not have the right type of boiler or correct water pressure, you can buy a water pump which will drastically increase the water pressure going towards your mixer shower. Using a water pump will increase the water pressure to your mixer shower but has the draw back off being noisier than a normal mixer shower or an electric shower.

Electric showers are much easier to install as they only require a cold water feed as the water is heated to the desired temperature inside the unit. These showers are also available in a range of styles but only include one shower head unlike the mixer showers where a diverter can be used to divert the water between different outputs. Different faceplates are available for these electric showers giving you choice between different colours/patterns.

The only drawback of an electric shower is that you are restricted, to which electric shower you can install, you must install one that will work with the wiring and plumbing that you have installed. Electric showers come in a wide range of wattages and you must choose one that will work with your existing installation.

So depending on your boiler, your bathroom installation and your personal preference – choosing either an electric or mixer shower shouldn’t be a decision taken lightly.

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Shower Enclosures


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