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Give Your Kitchen And Washroom A New Zing With Flexibletap Connectors

A simple way to give your kitchen and washroom/s a makeover is by installing new taps. Using flexible tap connectors makes your job easier. A stylish kitchen fitted with state of the art gadgets and labor saving devices looks incongruous with outmoded taps – or worse – taps that look decidedly tired! The range of tap styles is huge. From minimalist to luxury, modern to traditional, classical to contemporary there are taps to suit your washroom style.

The modern tap is a simple and very effective device. Inside the tap there is a valve or stopcock which stops of allows water to flow. Most taps have this design. The rest of the tap is just a means of directing water from your pipe. This means that designers have had a lot of fun creating ornate styles without affecting how the tap works. And when a flexible tap connector is used, then water can jet out at angles previously undreamt of.


In case of leaks shut the water mains and check the flexible tap connector for flaws and replace if it is not a jointing problem. The biggest advantage of flexible tap connectors is that they can be easily fitted into existing pipework. Fitting or changing a tap is not a hard job rather it depends on what type of connectors you have.

The kind of tap which is not to be seen in most high rise buildings is the garden tap. However, if you are fortunate to have more than a tiny garden perched on your balcony, then that garden needs watering. A ground floor garden can be watered by means of water drawn from a well, a spring, a pond or lake or even a river. In case it is watered from the overhead tank in your house, then garden tap connectors are a godsend. These garden tap connectors are designed specifically to adjust to water pipes and hoses. Some manufacturers even give you an option to adjust the garden tap connector to a sprinkler which is ideal in very hot, dry places.

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