What Is A Financial Broker?

Submitted by: David Patullo

Broker is a name applied to persons who facilitate transactions between a seller/facilitator and his client. A financial broker is therefore a person who assists clients in getting financing or loans from a lending institution. He acts as an intermediary between the parties involved in the transaction. A broker may, in this way, act as more than just a middleman. A financial broker may offer advice to people who want to borrow money.

The duties of a financial broker do not end after the loan has been granted. He may also be of help to the client in facilitating payments; financial brokers may take it upon themselves to advice the client about how he can best manage his business in order to avoid difficulties concerning his loan. If problems do crop up, some brokers may intervene with the lender for restructuring or some other alternative way to adjust the terms of a defaulted loan. In other words, the financial broker not only helps his client to borrow, but may also provide advice for delinquent loan accounts.

A financial broker usually has connections with many lending sources. On the other hand, the lending institutions themselves may have financial brokers in their employ. If you are thinking about getting a loan the best way to go about that is to approach and ask for the recommendations of licensed financial brokers. They will know where to avail of a loan that is streamlined to allow the most benefits, given your financial capacity.


A financial broker earns commissions from the successful transaction of loans. The commissions paid out to the brokers may vary from one lender to the next. Lenders who are in need of borrowers may pay larger commissions to their financial brokers. In this regard, if you are planning to make a loan, you should remember that the broker cannot ask a commission from you. If he should mention something about that, you had better look for somebody else because that financial broker probably doesn t have your interest in mind.

A good finance broker has the interests of both the lender and the borrower in mind and at heart. When selecting the intermediary to help you out with your loan, you should conduct research first concerning the different brokerage agencies. Most of them will have websites where their services and products will be advertised. A better and more accurate source of data for making your choice will be the Securities Exchange Office of your country or whatever government-linked institution handles finance brokers.

The list they will provide you will be the most comprehensive and objective listing you can probably get. Additionally, you can ask personnel in that office for their recommendations concerning the best broker for you to avail of. Your choice will also be largely determined by what kind of loan you need to get. Brokerage companies usually have their specific specialties. Identifying and getting the finance broker who has had plenty of experience in the field of the loan you intend to get will do much for securing your interests and maximizing your capacity to get and pay your loan without difficulty.

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