14 Best Os X Yosemite Features Ready To Impress Apples Worldwide Users}

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Submitted by: Polly Quinton

If you have installed the eleventh major release of Mac OS X on your Apple devices, then it is quite possible that you might be experiencing a flawless change in the OSs interface. Apple this time has focused more on making things simpler so lets have a look at the 14 best Yosemite features that you must try!

Apple has once again amused the global users by introducing OS X Yosemite or the Mac OS 10.10 in the line of Apple’s Mac operating system (OS) during October 2014. Soon after its introduction, the OS was made available for free download to all the existing OS X v10.9 Mavericks users from the Mac App Store. The new OS introduced by the company features a fresh new design and updated versions of its popular apps, like Safari, Mail, and Messages. The company has also tried to make this OS more intellectual and simple to use, but it lacks any Siri update. Many of you might follow the companys official press conferences over the web, news channels, or even e-reports and they always talk about the big features or major changes.

This article will brief about some of the exciting little things that remain hidden during press meets, but end up making all the difference.


Apples most discussed feature — Spotlight has undergone some major improvements, and it now adorns the desktop-centre with a search box, once activated using Command Space. Additionally, the search results are no longer limited to your Mac files, but also bring results from news headlines, maps, and Bing web search results.

2.Compressed memory

OS X 10.10 comes with the memory compression features that aim at making the system efficient by passing data from place to another. You can use the Activity Monitor Memory tab to know how much your Mac relies on compressed memory and whether you require a RAM upgrade or not.

3.PDF signature

Eliminating the need for paper and pen, the new Mac OS allows users to sign PDF forms with Macs trackpad. To sign a doc, simply press the Sign button in Previews annotation toolbar and get your signatures traced on the pad.

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4.Safari Tabs

The new Safari Tabs feature entirely changes the way in which Mac organizes your browser tabs. Users can switch between tabs in the horizontal strip, but clicking the new Tab View button gets thumbnail previews of all open tabs. You can now arrange the multiple pages open from a single site by placing them on the top of each other.

5.Notification Cente

Notification Center in Yosemite doesnt just import the one showcased in OS X Mountain Lion, but it has a lot more to offer. The company has now opened third-party widgets, coined as Today Extensions, which will allow developers to feed bespoke information into the Notification Center.

6.Record output from an iOS device

Users who wish to record a live screencast of apps or games running on their Apple mobile devices can now simply attach the device to your Mac and enjoy the same. All you need is a Lightning cable used to attach your device to the Mac; it will immediately display the video input source in QuickTime. The tool will then capture all your on-screen activities and store it as a video file.

7.Improved Calenda

The new and improved Calendar is more intelligent than previous versions and now auto-complete event details as you input them. You can now add the number of attendees, their details, and contacts, and even suggest dates to schedule an event.

8.Markup in Mail

Apple Mail now replaces the Previews annotation tools and makes your emails look more beautiful and managed. The feature will automatically get activated whenever a user adds an image to an email, and a down-facing chevron will appear at the top-right corner. Clicking on the chevron allows you to beautify that image with shapes, text, and arrows, and that helps to make your point clearer.

9.Duck Duck Safari

In addition to the traditional Safari browser, you can now have the DuckDuckGo browser as your default browser. DuckDuckGo offers higher security and privacy to the user as it doesnt track your search activity or share personal information with advertisers.

10.Advanced AirDrop

AirDrop has undergone significant improvements in Yosemite and the feature now support file transfers even if the devices arent sharing the same local network or an internet connection. The improved feature is now supporting the older Macs, missed out in previous versions of OS X, and dont need Finder to be open on the recipients Mac.

11.Safari bookmarks

You can now access all your website bookmarks and bookmark folders by just clicking on the Safaris address bar. The feature has now adopted the functioning just like iOS, and you can quickly access Safari bookmarks by clicking on the links to the sites you visit most frequently.

12.Safaris Private Browsing window

You can now command Safari to create a separate window of tabs specially for private browsing, and the browser will not save or track your online activities.

13.Mail Drop

Many of you might face frustrating situations when an email doesnt arrive at its intended destination, but Yosemite has fixed the issue with its Mail Drop feature. Most of the time the reason for not receiving the emails was their larger size, but now Mail drop allows large attachments to get seamlessly uploaded to your iCloud account and the file is attached to the email. In case, if they arent using Mail, an email will carry a link to download the file and decode the attached information on their own.

14.Manage Message/iPhone tones

Apple flaunts the Yosemites ability to make/receive iPhone calls, but the improvements in its Messages app also enable users to send/receive SMS and MMS messages linked to their iPhone. The new OS now allows the user to match or change the sound of alerts on your Mac to alert you whenever a message or call comes.


All of these above-mentioned features will ensure optimal user experience and flawless functionality of the latest OS by Apple. The company has paid much attention towards improving the overall user experience and making the eleventh edition fit for use under extreme pressure or time-efficient situations. RSS feeds subscriptions in Safari are back in Yosemite, and the user can click on the RSS feed icon get instant updates from the server. While Apple still hasnt built Siri into this OS X version, but the pre-installed Dictation tool is handy for taking down voice-supported quick notes. The company is working high on transparency and making every possible move to simplify things and make user experience seamless!

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Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine Review Of Rita Davenport

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By Brian Garvin And Jeff West

When it comes to Network Marketing, Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine is the industry insider. This is the magazine that is devoted to network marketing, individual success stories, marketing on the internet, motivational articles, legal issues in the business, and of course, industry news. Recently Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine did an article about Rita Davenport.

Rita Davenport was born in Nashville Tennessee and now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is an expert in time management and has been featured on over one hundred television and radio shows including Good Morning America. She has appeared along side Erma Bombeck, Zig Zigler, Phil Donahue and Art Buchwald and has been the author of several best selling books. She won the 2001 Spirit of Philanthropy Award and is often asked to consult at Fortune 500 companies.

Currently Rita Davenport is the president of Arbonne International and is considered by Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine to be one of the First Ladies of Network Marketing She shares the title with Carol Fitzgerald of


, Terri Frey of FlashNet Communications, Marta C Kollman of Cell Tech Adi Song of Longevity Network and Diane Wakat PhD of Intelligent Nutrition Systems, Inc.

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As the leading woman of the piece in Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine, Rita Davenport is quoted as saying I lead with my heartwhich is not the best way to run a company. But I always sleep well.

The piece in Network Marketing Lifestyle Magazine highlighted women who are in top positions of network marketing companies. Network Marketing is certainly a trade that does not discriminate against women. Two of the most recognized network marketing businesses are female-centric: Avon and Mary Kay and there is argument to be made that the familiar standby, Tupperware, was created to make the lives of housewives everywhere just a little bit easier.

Arbonne International, the company run by Rita Davenport is another beauty and skin care product-centric company. Arbonne sells skin care products, anti-aging products, baby products, aromatherapy products, and even weight loss and nutrition products.

The company is run like most network marketing companies are runrepresentatives sell the product, recruit other people to sell the product and earn a commission. The fact that the company is almost twenty years old speaks to how well it has been run and what it offers to people looking to start their own network marketing business.

Network Marketing Lifestyle Magazine is a must read for anybody who is thinking about starting a network marketing business of their own. It lets people know which companies have the best offers for those who are just starting out. It also has information on promising start ups and people who have had quite a bit of success at network marketingan industry that has been much maligned in the past.

Network Marketing used to be frowned upon as a get rich quick scheme, but the people who work within its structure have proved that it is not a get rich quick scheme but hard work, and a legitimate tradea fact that is illustrated by the presence of Network Marketing Lifestyle Magazine.

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When Short Term Health Insurance Is Be A Smart Solution}

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Submitted by: Nash Bauder

Since the health law took effect, short-term health insurance plans have become very popular, especially among young adults, people who have a gap in employer insurance or those who have missed open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act.

There are a few major reasons why this plans are appealing:

– They cost much less than major medical plans;

– They can be purchased at any time during the year to provide temporary coverage while you are waiting for an employer or government sponsored insurance;

– They start almost immediately;

– They provide access to broader network of health service providers including many major medical centers;

– Often they are more flexible than ACA-compliant health plans.

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– Other advantages of short term plans you can find at: http://1healthinsurance.org/short-term/

But you should clearly understand that short-term health insurance is not for everyone. It can work well for one person and be a completely wrong choice for another. It is not recommended for people with poor health or certain chronic conditions because they wont get sufficient coverage by short-term medical insurance. Also, people who have had serious health problems in the past two years shall look for other types of health insurance because pre-existing conditions are not covered by term policies.

Still short-term medical insurance can be a reasonable solution for many people in need of temporary health coverage while going through some of lifes transitions.


If you have recently found a new job, you may have to wait some time for your employer-sponsored insurance to begin. It can be a smart decision to buy a short-term plan for a month or two to avoid being completely uncovered during this period.


Though the federal health care reform law allows children to be covered as a dependent up to their 26, some day children must be removed from their parents plans. If you are no longer covered through your parents insurance and still dont have a permanent job, short-term insurance may serve you well, especially if you are healthy enough.


A lot of college students find themselves without a medical coverage after graduation. If you were insured under a university plan or under your parents one, you are no longer eligible for them after leaving a college. You may fill this gap in coverage with short-term insurance until benefits begin with your first full-time job.


When you leave your job, you also lose your employer-sponsored health benefits. Many people find it too expensive to continue their employer-sponsored plan through COBRA. A short-term plan may be a good alternative for medical coverage while you are looking for new job.


If you work on a part-time, seasonal or temporary job you are typically not eligible for employer health benefits, while private ACA-compliant plans can be too expensive for you. In this case short-term medical may give you reasonable coverage.


Individuals who have retired before the age of 65, may be faced with a gap in coverage before their Medicare begins. You can consider a short-term insurance as a suitable solution until your Medicare coverage starts.


Term insurance offers reasonable temporary protection from medical expenses for people returning to the U.S. from living abroad.


If you have recently become a U.S. citizen, you may have a waiting period before becoming eligible to get a government-sponsored health plans. Short-tetm medical can be a good option for you to have U.S. coverage.

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