Collagen Vs. Aging: Which One You Like?}

Submitted by: Brent McNutt

For some people, growing old does not only mean wisdom and experience, but also wrinkles and lines on the face. Others are not afraid to show these signs of aging, but some are. Although I could not quite relate to this matter yet since I am young, if I were given a chance to reduce wrinkles and fine lines when the time comes that they appear, I would take it gratefully. Cosmetics, surgeries, and hormone treatments are now available for those who dont want their age to show. However, for those who want to achieve it the natural way, collagen might be the answer.

Collagen, a protein which is found in our body, is responsible for supporting and connecting our tissues. It is mostly found in our skin, muscles, bones, tendons, and cartilages. Without it, our body tissues will not have its form and will be without strength. Collagen diminishes as we age which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

Our body is capable of collagen formation, but it would not hurt if we eat foods that can help our bodies in making collagen. Vegetables such as spinach and asparagus, fruits such as tomatoes (which is rich in lycopene), blueberries and blackberries, food rich in omega 3 such as sardines, tuna and nuts aid the body in producing collagen. By adding these in our daily meals, we can reduce the development of signs of aging.


Another source of collagen that has become popular in Japan today is collagen drink. Collagen drinks can come from different sources and can have various components. Most of these drinks are a form of collagen that has been broken down to amino acids. Others may include a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that can improve or support collagen production in our body or has an effect in the suppleness of our skin. Collagen used in this drinks usually come from fish and other animals with large amounts of fatty acids. Generally, these drinks fall under the category of dietary supplements and have been proven to be safe. Not only is collagen important in reducing the appearance of the signs of aging, it may also be beneficial to people who are suffering from arthritis or joint pains. Since collagen is responsible for holding the tissues of our body together, it also plays a vital role in preventing joint pain and swelling.

Although collagen drinks are safe, the benefits are only obtained when use it continuously. In order to maintain the suppleness of the skin and the lessening of wrinkles, it must be taken in regularly. The advantages that we can get from collagen are quite many. Not only does it help us look younger, it is also helpful in opposing certain disorders that aging can cause.

Go ahead and introduce collagen food in your diet. It is not only healthy but also keeps you younger looking and keeping you in shape. It is never too late to try. You can have it in your breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even your snacks.

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