Duties And Responsibilities Of Higher Education Institutions

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Higher education means the highest class. Directing higher education work is therefore the best renaissance in the country. Just as Renaissance is important in the lives of human beings and that of society. Higher education institutions are also important. It doesn’t need to be described in detail here.

Higher education institutions have duties and responsibilities. Which will be analyzed in 3 ways:

  1. To teach students to have excellent knowledge in the arts.
  2. Research to make the Renaissance to become more advanced.

Provide direct benefits to society

All 3 duties and responsibilities of higher education institutions

As mentioned Have overlapping relationships, that is, Teaching is good, it must

Relying on what’s new Something good came to teach him. In order to have something good and new to teach, it must be gained through research. Research can be progressed by teaching basic experts to carry out continuous research. The relationship between higher education institutions and society is mutually complementary. If higher education institutions do little to the society, Society would lose faith in higher education institutions, making teaching and research uncomfortable. If society does not support Higher education institutions That society will inevitably lack the benefits of teaching and research in the arts. Causing that society only to deteriorate. NAL is one of the Best law academy in palakkad, thrissur

  1. Teaching

Teaching is the first function of higher education institutions. Even though our Thai universities lack research or social benefits. If focusing on the effectiveness of the Renaissance for the students Especially in terms of quality Will still be counted as doing the initial benefit

Universities will do their teaching duties well. It depends on many factors, namely teachers, knowledge of students, curriculum, teaching methods, teaching materials and administrative systems

A teacher in the university who will teach you tertiary subjects High qualifications are required to be able to pass on the Renaissance to their disciples well. If the teacher has experience and academic knowledge as well, the better. But teachers will only have knowledge and expertise, not enough. They need to be intelligent and broad. There is initiative and reasoning, not accepting any motto without reason to support the characteristics of teachers. Is someone who has a passion for academic, teaching and love of disciples, or as the monk calls ambitious Because teaching students must endure stupidity? Some students’ stubbornness is commonplace. And they must repeat themselves. The remains are boring to themselves. In addition, the teacher must be large enough to fit the number of students. Because how good knowledge is transmitted Is the close relationship between teachers and students If this relationship is not there Because the number of students is too much Too few teachers Will be of great importance in that higher education institution. Nehru academy of law is one of the best BBA LLB colleges in palakkad, Thrissur.

On the other hand, the number of students should be large enough. But not unreasonable for the same reason The original knowledge of students from high school must be as good as possible. For otherwise, he would not be able to study further in the highest level The background of students’ knowledge depends on two reasons: they have studied well in high school. And with great intelligence enough to continue to study in the rich class, for this reason I would like to confirm two proposals: the continuing relationship between secondary sentence studies and enrichment sentences Is absolutely necessary If secondary education is the responsibility of one ministry and higher –

Study another ministry Or the teacher in both sentences and the course of the 2 sentences without harmonization Inevitably there will only be a devastating Is an obstacle in the provision of higher education In my opinion The Ministry of Education is probably the government agency responsible for the supervision of education at all levels and fields. And high school teachers and university teachers must have regular academic relationships. Nehru academy of law is one of the best private self financing law college in palakkad.

Higher education courses are different from primary or secondary education. Is that there must always be evolution Indeed, the primary or secondary curriculum needs to be changed and evolved over time. But it doesn’t have to be changed very often. As for the higher education course Due to being a top technology class Every field of study has always changed and progressed. In order for students and teachers to keep up with technology Tertiary courses need to be flexible. Can change over time without being bound by fixed rules or regulations. Each change must reach the highest council of the university. And must be approved by the National Council of Education as it is today

Teaching methods or methods of transferring knowledge from teachers to students (And from students to teachers) is the essence of the operation of higher

education – education has been mentioned above that A close relationship between teachers and students is essential. But it should be added here that When teachers and students have a close relationship with each other Will be related for any benefit. The benefit to be sought in this class is not the benefit for the teacher to tell the disciple. More important benefits are The teacher will encourage and encourage students to seek additional knowledge on their own. And urged the disciple to read that book That article, this article Urge and encourage disciples to listen

That person who gave an academic lecture To write on academic matters by yourself Because writing requires a lot of thought as the key Encourage students to dare to argue about arts and art between students and teachers, etc.

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