Think And Grow Thin Top 5 Tips For Programming Your Subconscious Mind To Easily Lose Unwanted Fat

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By Giles Wiley

Have you ever heard the expression what you focus on grows?

You cant believe how important this simple expression is.

In fact, I would go as far as saying it is the absolute most important factor in successful long term fat loss and living the life of your dreams!

Let me use a short story to illustrate my point.

My wife and I used to always set money aside each month in case of emergencies. In fact, we actually caused it our emergency fund. We soon started to notice that every month an emergency would come up; the cat would get sick, the air-con would break on the car, the furnace would stop working.

Amazingly, this emergency was always the exact amount that we set aside for our emergency fund sometimes down to the dollar. After a few months of this we actually started to expect an emergency to occur. And, of course what you focus on grows so it would never be long before our expected emergency appeared.

Eventually, with the help of a friend we came to realize what was happening. We changed the name of the emergency fund to contingency fund and we acted as each others accountability partners to ensure that we werent focusing on emergencies.

The majority of people who try to lose unwanted fat unconsciously sabotage themselves by focusing on:

1. Past failures and the potential for failure this time

2. How hard (in their perception) it is to lose fat and stay slim and healthy.


3. All the pain (again perceived) associated with losing fat.

4. Their unwanted body fat and their current poor health.

5. Avoiding certain foods and the dangers of overeating..

If you recognize yourself in any or all of the above points dont worry. The first step to any change is awareness and once you make a few simple adjustments to your thinking you can lose unwanted fat easily and successfully.

Lets now take a look at top 5 ways to program your subconscious mind to lose fat:

1. Become aware of your language

Thoughts lead to language lead to action lead to results!

Being aware of limiting thoughts and changing them is often very difficult. However your thoughts soon turn into language and language is much easier to modify.

Start to consciously monitor your internal and external dialogue. Avoid any reference to past failure or indecisive language, phrases such as Ill try to, maybe I can do that. Make sure you only use decisive language. That means phrases such as I will do that, I will make that happen.

Also, avoid any reference to how hard things are, or how difficult something is, replace these expressions with words and phrases that ring with enjoyment and ease. I love exercise every day I feel like Im getting fitter, slimmer and healthier. Natural nutritious food nourishes me and gives me energy and strength.

2. Youre the Guvnor

This is a London expression that basically means youre in charge, youre the boss. We used to use this expression at my martial arts club in London In order to feel in control during pressure situations.

When you consciously tell your mind and body that youre the guvnor that youre in charge youll no longer feel like youre at the mercy of your urges and cravings

3. Stop the Loss Mentality

Focus on what youre gaining not what youre losing. Your subconscious will resist any behaviors that will lead to loss even loss of fat.

So, even though I use the expression fat-loss I want you to focus on gaining a slim healthy body not losing a fat unhealthy body.

Be aware that the more that you focus on the fat and unhealthy body the more youll be drawn towards it. Remember my emergency fund story.

4. Start with the end in mind

Making any sort of significant change in your life can be daunting. Most people tend to start on their journey of change with a very rough idea of their final destination. In other words their goal is very general and unfocused. And, in fact, rather than focusing on where they want to get to they focus on not going back to where they started from.

As weve already mentioned numerous times what we focus on grow therefore if you focus on not returning to the start then youll return to the start.

However, if you have a clear picture of your desired outcome in your mind. If you visit that picture daily with the a absolute belief that somehow youll get there.

5. Practice your Intentions

Set an intention for the food that you eat to nourish you and make you healthier and stronger.

Set an intention for your exercise to make you fitter, slimmer, stronger and more energized.

Take each of your health and fitness goals and start every day by making a clear intention that will direct you towards the achievement of these goals.

About the Author: Giles Wiley; world-renowned fat-loss, health and fitness expert, and author. After 15 years of working with multi-millionaires, elite athletes and celebrities – Giles is now helping thousands of people world-wide with his online newsletter, e-books and DVDs. Visit



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