What Is Budzek Medical Massage Therapy?}

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Massage therapy has been a part of medical treatment in hospitals due to its capability to enhance the healing progress of the treatment. It also aids the physician or doctor in empowering the effect of the therapy in order for it to become more effective and provide beneficial results to the patient. And because of this, great importance is given to several types of medical massage therapies practiced and used all over the world.

Budzek medical massage therapy is one of these natural and alternative methods used in medical care in association with the rehabilitation process performed by doctors and other individuals in the field of medicine. This type of massage therapy is considered as a multi-modality that serves many purposes in promoting good health and in treating various conditions of the human body. The bodywork consists of many different hand manipulation techniques that are designed to target the eight distinct aspects that may become threats to the fascial system of the patient.


The therapy was originally developed as a medical solution against acute and chronic pain due to muscle tissue, joint, and nerve damages due to injuries or dysfunction. Active individuals such as athletes can benefit greatly from Budzek medical massage due to its effectiveness in relieving painful conditions. However, it can also be enjoyed by almost anyone who is suffering from similar conditions. The treatment can also benefit the elderly population as they are more prone to joint disorders due to their old age which contributes a lot to the deterioration of their physical body. The techniques used in this multi-healing modality are best at what they do. The therapy uses combination of various massage therapy methods that are focused on treating many different conditions. Swedish massage, yoga, and deep massage therapy are few examples of the techniques used by the massage therapist during the session in order to release tension and stiffness on the muscle groups of the body. There are 12 different forms of bodywork methods used during the therapy session. All of these are successful in effectively improving the condition of both the body and mind of the client.

In a Budzek medical massage therapy session, the therapist uses no oil on the patient who is comfortably lying on a massage table with all of his or her clothes on. This type of therapy is suitable for the shy type clients who are uncomfortable with massage therapy sessions that require the need for undressing. The massage techniques are done without the use of the masseuses thumbs as he works on various parts of the human body.

The client can expect health benefits such as the treatment of physical conditions including sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, bursitis, lumbago, and other painful musculoskeletal health issues. It is also effective in relaxing and soothing the body from stress, fatigue, and tension after a hard days work at the office, home, or at school. Aside from the physical health benefits, Budzek medical massage is also great in treating emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and fear.

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