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What To Do If You Suffer A Dog Bite

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byAlma Abell

A dog bite is often not a serious injury, but even with a small dog significant damage can occur. In extreme cases of dog attacks substantial injury that has long term health risks and requirement of ongoing treatment or therapy can be a very real possibility. Instead of trying to resolve the issue yourself, contact a dog bite attorney in Lincoln NE and get them working for you right from the start.

Insurance Coverage


Most dog owners do not have insurance that covers the injury or damage that can occur if their dog bites someone and there is a significant claim. However, even if there is a small claim that the homeowner insurance will cover, the insurance company going to do everything in their power to avoid paying the maximum amount you request and can prove through a settlement.

Your dog bite attorney in Lincoln, NE will be able to inform you of your options for settlement and what is reasonable given the injuries you have sustained. These injuries can include both physical and psychological damage due to the bite or attack. Without an attorney on your side your chances of collecting for anything but provable medical expenses can be very difficult.

What You Should Do

Your dog bite attorney in Lincoln, NE will outline for you what types of claims you can make. In all cases you must be able to prove that the dog bite occurred. This starts with documenting the incident, gathering information from witnesses, informing the dog owner of the bite and seeking medical attention if there is any damage or injury.

In addition you should also make a police report and usually you will be interviewed to determine if the dog is a danger. In some areas this interview may include working with the Animal Control Officer.

In some cases the dog owner may agree to pay your medical bills, out of pocket expenses and other fees you may have incurred. Your dog bite attorney in Lincoln, NE will be able to assist in this type of settlement, usually through direct negotiation or mediation, as an alternative to a lengthy court process.

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