Are Fixed Rate Remortgages And Mortgages Better Than Tracker Remortgages And Mortgages?}

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Submitted by: Liz Moir

Remortgages and mortgages are both types of home loans as both must be secured on the equity of a property. Equity is the difference between the value of a property and the balance of the mortgage secured on it.This means that the equity on a property would be 100,000 if the house was worth 370,000 and the outstanding mortgage balance was 270,000.

A mortgage is a home loan needed to purchase a property whether it is for a first time buyer to enter the homeowner market and get a foot on the first rung of the property ladder or someone buying a second, third or susequent house.

A remortgage is a financial product for which only homeowners are eligible to apply. A remortgage involves paying off the mortgage with the current mortgage lender and changing to a different mortgage lender.

This change can be to raise capital for just about any purpose such as to buy a car, go on an exotic foreign trip for a special occasion, a luxury cruise, a wedding on a romantic sun kissed beach, etc. A very common use for a remortgage is not only to pay off the current mortgage but to raise additional funds to pay off all outstanding credit card and loan debts leaving the homeowner with one monthly payment instead of several. This is known as debt consolidation.

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There are numerous kinds of remortgages and mortgages and two of these are tracker mortgages and remortgages and fixed rate mortgages and remortgages.

A tracker does what it says on the box and that is it tracks or follows something, and what this something is is the Bank Of England base lending rate. This is at the all time low of half of one percent, and as tracker remortgages and mortgages track this it means that they are very cheap at the moment.

For example the Woolwich Building Society currently has tracker remortgages that are set at 1.48% above base, giving this tracker product a rate of 1.98%. The Alliance and Leicster has just released a tracker mortgage deal at 1.49% above the base rate meaning that the interest rate for this remortgage and mortgage product is 1.99%.

These rates are excellent, and certainly very low at the moment, but when the base rate of The Bank Of England goes up the remortgage and mortgage products increases accordingly. It is highly unlikely that the base rate will ever fall below the current level, meaning that tracker products are as low now as they are ever likely to be.

What all this means is that homeowners with tracker mortgages never know what their repayments may be in the future.

Fixed rates on the other hand have the monthly payment fixed at exactly the same rate for the the duration of the fixed payment which can be from one year to commonly up to three years. Some mortgage lenders are prepared to offer fixed rates of up to five years, and some even up to ten years.

Fixed rate remortgages and mortgages are more expensive than trackers starting at about 3.15% at present and the longer the fixed period the higher the monthly repayment becomes. However in these days of uncertainty a homeowner at least has the security of knowing how much his mortgage will cost.

Therefore when it comes to choosing a tracker remortgage or mortgage compared to a fixed one it is a matter of personal choice and really little else.

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Epoxy Flooring Pay Attention To Detail To Improve

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By Andrew Collier

High traffic floors can become damaged fast. If you are in the food production industry, you might want to find a suitable epoxy flooring system. You need to first consider important aspects, especially if you don’t want to decrease your performance:

Check for damaged spots, cracks, leakages, moisture areas, etc.

Find out if the paint is chipped.

Analyze the main properties of your current floor.

Find out whether they’ve been injuries on the working space or not.

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Once you’ve completely analyzed the above mentioned, you may be able to move onto the next step. If you notice something is missing, you need to act upon it! If your food production flooring appears to be boring, that is not as bad as if it is not even anti slip! You need to improve your floor before it is too late. Epoxy flooring is always recommended. You cannot expect good results unless you go for the top styles.

According to many sources, epoxy floors are suitable due to many reasons. This is why, if you feel your food production is somehow stuck, you might want to consider making a few modifications. You need to keep up with everything; it is a matter of being wise. The right decisions will walk you through the right path. Once you select an epoxy flooring system you will notice how everything changes. Don’t worry about the installation process. You can easily reach top developers that will take care of everything.

Work environment

Have you been experiencing a decrease in sales due to lower productivity? Maybe your employees are not happy. You need to always pay attention to detail. Apart of purchasing the top industrial devices, especially designed for food production, you must keep your employees happy. Unless you create a nice and safe work environment, odds are your work team wont feel satisfied. Believe it or not, the flooring system says a lot. In addition, the whole decoration is supposed to be appealing, too. You want your workers to feel motivated, if you don’t even look out for their safety and happiness, don’t expect a top production.


Many industrial flooring options are out there. You should ask yourself: which is your ultimate goal? If you want to become a socially responsible business, you must remain responsible. Start by loving yourself, then move onto loving your corporation and then believe you are capable of achieving high results! In order to do this, you will have to:

Create safety work conditions.

Install the right epoxy flooring.

Connect with employees, find out if they are happy, and get to know about their own tastes, needs and preferences.

Improve the entire food production space decor.

It is about time to deal with reality, if you don’t face your current situation, you wont be able to feel happy. Make up your mind and get ready to get real. Your food production will be increased like never before. The many spills, chemicals and extreme temperatures issues will be gone forever.

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