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By Darrell Wiggett

When it comes to buying a new pair of sunglasses you obviously want something that looks great, comfortable and can greatly protect your eyes. What are the best sunglasses ?

Best Sunglass Information – What you need to know ! – sunglasses best price

What are the best sunglasses for comfort ?Be prepared before you go shopping, you’ll be overwhelmed by the choices, colors and styles you’ll come across. Your sunglasses should reflect your style. Do some research and know what you need in a pair of sunglasses before you walk into a shop

Three big things you need to look for in a pair of sunglasses

1. Good eye protection

Best rated polarized sunglasses What brand have the best polarized sunglasses ?

2. Comfort

Best sunglasses in comfort ?

3. Style

Who has the best designer sunglasses ?

One of the most important is UV Protection, you must be 100% protected from ultraviolet radiation which is in the sunlight and can cause eye disease. The USA has a government agency called the Food and drug administration that overlooks the sales and manufacture of sunglasses. They recommend you purchase sunglasses with lenses that block 99-100% of UVA and UVB radiation. Check the label on the sunglasses and look for ‘UV 400’ or ‘100% UV protection.’. Maybe an important question is What are best selling sunglasses for Safety or the best uv sunglasses

About the lens – what are the best sunglasses lens ?

The lenses are probably the most important and there are various materials most commonly used today.


* Polycarbonate, a sturdy, long lasting light plastic.

* Best prescription sunglasses CR-39, a plastic used in lenses purchased with a prescription

* Glass, durable but heavy

Sunglass Tints

To help absorb light form the sun ,colors are added to the lenses which not only give them a certain style, also add color related benefits which are important

Gray tint will reduce the brightness, and at the same time leave the colors unchanged

Brown and amber tint will reduce the blue frequency in sunlight but will distort the colors

Yellow tint will reduce the blue frequency in sunlight more so than brown and amber,whilst

really creating a sharpened view, they will produce more color distortion

Green tint will filter blue light and emphasize the difference between objects

Rose tint are recommended for outdoor use especially water sport activities due to the contrast provided for objects viewed against a green or blue background

What are the best polarized sunglasses for outdoors? having a polarized lens helps alleviate the glare that’s reflected from some objects

Are scratch resistance lenses recommended?

Plastic lenses are more susceptible to scratches than glass lenses! A layer of film can be added to improve the resistance and make the lenses more durable

Are mirrored lenses recommended?

Mirrored lenses only add to the style and no way protect the lens.

Are Photo chromatic (or photo chromic) lenses recommended?

Photo chromatic (or photo chromic) change lenses when they are made public to UV radiation. They become darker when you are outside and are exposed to the sun and return lighter when you enter inside a building

Are anti-reflective coatings recommended?

These coatings are added to the inside of the lens keeping light from reflecting into your eyes

Sunglass frames

The frames are made from various materials including plastic, base metals, titanium, aluminum etc. Your personal taste the style you are looking for will help you decide what to buy

Is extra eye protection recommended?

The bigger the sunglasses the better the protection, wrap around lenses offer more protection as they will keep out more light and UV Radiation than regular lenses

Consultants tell us that less squinting equals fewer wrinkles and a younger looking skin. Wearing sunglasses make sense

Best sunglasses brand

There are many brands to choose from! What are the best oakley sunglasses or the best ray ban sunglasses? What are your outdoor hobbies? Do you need the best aviator sunglasses or the best driving sunglasses. Do you need the best fishing sunglasses? best aviation sunglasses ? What are the best sunglasses to snowboard or ski with ?

Sunglasses don’t have to be expensive to look good. With fashion changing all the time getting a collection of sunglasses that will look good and add to your style is easily done and can be worn with any seasonal fashion trend. Go shopping and try on all the sunglasses you want, ask if you can walk outside with them to see how they really react to sunlight and read the UV ratings

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