Give Your Kitchen And Washroom A New Zing With Flexibletap Connectors

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A simple way to give your kitchen and washroom/s a makeover is by installing new taps. Using flexible tap connectors makes your job easier. A stylish kitchen fitted with state of the art gadgets and labor saving devices looks incongruous with outmoded taps – or worse – taps that look decidedly tired! The range of tap styles is huge. From minimalist to luxury, modern to traditional, classical to contemporary there are taps to suit your washroom style.

The modern tap is a simple and very effective device. Inside the tap there is a valve or stopcock which stops of allows water to flow. Most taps have this design. The rest of the tap is just a means of directing water from your pipe. This means that designers have had a lot of fun creating ornate styles without affecting how the tap works. And when a flexible tap connector is used, then water can jet out at angles previously undreamt of.

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In case of leaks shut the water mains and check the flexible tap connector for flaws and replace if it is not a jointing problem. The biggest advantage of flexible tap connectors is that they can be easily fitted into existing pipework. Fitting or changing a tap is not a hard job rather it depends on what type of connectors you have.

The kind of tap which is not to be seen in most high rise buildings is the garden tap. However, if you are fortunate to have more than a tiny garden perched on your balcony, then that garden needs watering. A ground floor garden can be watered by means of water drawn from a well, a spring, a pond or lake or even a river. In case it is watered from the overhead tank in your house, then garden tap connectors are a godsend. These garden tap connectors are designed specifically to adjust to water pipes and hoses. Some manufacturers even give you an option to adjust the garden tap connector to a sprinkler which is ideal in very hot, dry places.

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Summer Fun At Piedmont Park}

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Summer Fun at Piedmont Park


Ajay Sethi

Piedmont Park in midtown Atlanta is one of the citys most popular parks. Open from 6am-11pm, the park provides a variety of opportunities for exercise and recreation. Some recent renovations and expanded facilities are opening just in time for summer visitors to enjoy.

Piedmont Park was established in 1887 as an exclusive gentlemens driving club and horse racing grounds. An agreement between the club and the Piedmont Exposition Company brought fairs and expositions to the site. The most famous exposition held here was the 1895 Cotton States and International Exposition, a Worlds Fair lasting 100 days. Several of the parks main features were built during this time. In 1904 the city of Atlanta bought the park property. In 1912 the Olmsted Brothers, landscape architects and sons of Frederick Law Olmsted, developed a master plan for the site.

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Today the Piedmont Park Conservancy works with the city to preserve and manage the park. Some recent renovations have included the areas around Lake Clara Meer, with a refurbished dock, three new fishing piers, and the restoration of the historic gazebo. The Aquatic Center saw a complete renovation in 2009. The Dog Park was expanded to three acres in 2010, and has enclosures for large and small dogs. Visitors will find two newly renovated areas opening in 2011. The Magnolia Greenway, once a parking lot, has been turned into green space with bocce ball courts. Children will love the new Legacy Fountain, with its 70 jets that spray water up to 20 feet into the air. Its a great place to splash and cool off on a hot day. Future expansions will include adding 53 acres of usable space to the park.

There are many other park features for visitors to enjoy this summer. There are miles of walking and jogging trails. Two of the most popular ones are the Lake Loop and the Active Oval. Children will enjoy the parks two playgrounds. Mayors Grove is a Boundless Playground for children of all abilities. The Noguchi Playscape, designed by the late artist and sculptor Isamu Noguchi, emphasizes shape, color, and texture. The park has an excellent Tennis Center, and the Piedmont Conservancy offers fitness classes, and workshops in environmental education and gardening.

The popular Green Market will return this summer. It is rated one of the top five farmers markets in metro Atlanta. It takes place on Saturdays from 9am-1pm at the 12th Street entrance gate. The market features locally grown produce, cheeses, baked goods, flowers, music, chefs demonstrations, and kids activities.

Visitors will be able to enjoy movies again this summer at Piedmont Park. Screen on the Green is scheduled for the five Thursdays in June, starting between 8:40 and 8:55pm. Visitors are encouraged to bring their blankets and snacks and enjoy the family friendly entertainment.

There is limited parking inside the park, so visitors are encouraged to use the multi-level SAGE Parking Facility that the park shares with adjacent Atlanta Botanical Garden. The entrance is off Piedmont Avenue at the Garden.

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Summer Fun at Piedmont Park}

Premenstrual Syndrome Relief And The Natural Remedies

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By Markus Skupeika

There are some diseases that trigger so many troubles to the people. Premenstrual Syndrome is that kind of disease that leads to tongue-tied situation for the women in US and around the globe. Premenstrual Syndrome is the name given to the cyclic disorder of distressing symptoms and also the emotional and physical changes experienced by the women in their reproductive years. The symptoms usually appear one to two weeks prior to the menses and diminish and disappear significantly with in seven days after the start of menstruation.

PMS is believed to be triggered by the changes in progesterone and estrogen levels. Many premenopausal women suffer from symptoms of PMS at different points in their menstrual cycle. Symptoms include cramping, bloating, mood changes, and breast tenderness tied to the menstrual cycle. It includes average cycle length, and common associated symptoms, such as menstrual cramps, ovulation pain, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or premenstrual Dysphoric disorder (PMDD). All the suffering women are on the march to find out the perfect medication to how relieve the menstrual cramps and end up in bearing with the complexion.

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Some of the dietary measures can be helpful for the women with PMS and associated symptoms. The studies have shown that women with the more sugar consumption have the increased threat of being victimized or attacked by the Premenstrual Syndrome. Some the medical experts suggest women to cut back the intake of sugar and its alternative things this may come good for them as the PMS relief. As the hormonal disorder in the human body can provide with the option for the woman being affected with PMS, Alcohol can affect hormone metabolism, and alcoholic women are more likely to suffer PMS than are nonalcoholic women. Some doctors recommend that women with PMS avoid alcohol and caffeine for several months to evaluate whether such a change will reduce symptoms. Several studies suggest that diets low in fat or high in fiber may help to reduce symptoms of PMS. Many doctors recommend diets very low in meat and dairy fat and high in fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

Sometimes symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome respond best to a combination of herbs working synergistically. Research shows that Vitex works primarily on the pituitary gland to stabilize and balance the hormonal fluctuations that women experience every month. Vitex’s normalizing and balancing action is particularly beneficial in treating painful and irregular menstruation. Geranium is often recommended for hormonal conditions such as menopause and PMS. Used in the past for deficiency of the adrenal glands, it is now considered a stimulant for the liver and pancreas. These are the herbal remedies that are really helpful in suppressing the Premenstrual Syndrome.

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